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Naxos Beaches: A Guide To The Island’s Most Gorgeous Spots

Naxos beaches are tremendous. The best Naxos beaches are on the southwest coast of the island and they are just beautiful. Almost the whole of the west side of the island is sand with one gorgeous long beach running into the next.

Some of the island beaches are more suitable for families and others are windy surfing beaches. If you want somewhere secluded you’ll definitely find that, and some of Naxos’ beaches are only accessible by boat.

I really love the beaches towards the south of Naxos. I was lucky to spend lockdown 2.0 in Mikri Vigla and got to enjoy Mikri Vigla, Orkos, Kastraki and Alyko beaches during my many walks. Although the island got much busier as lockdown lifted and the tourism season started these beaches generally stayed much quieter than the ones closer to Chora.

Plaka Beach

Some would say Plaka is the best beach in Naxos. It’s a beautiful golden beach, kilometers long and an absolute favourite for many. At the end closest to Chora there are some hotels, villas and restaurants.

But as you head closer to Migri Vigla the sand and sea stretch blissfully on with no amenities. Drive here and park up on the road or hire a bike and cycle from Chora.

Agios Georgios Beach

Right in Chora is this huge long stretch of sand. It’s close to hotels, taverns and facilities. There are organised parts with sunbeds and umbrellas. But there’s plenty of space in between where you can set down your towel and have your own bit of space. The shallow, gentle waters make it a good beach for families, along with the music and the facilities nearby.

Water sports are available at the end of the beach furthest from Naxos. It’s a windier spot and there are a couple of places to borrow kit for windsurfing.

You can easily walk here from town. But if you’re staying outside of Chora there’s loads of parking behind the beach towards the Spar Kouteilieris.

Agios Prokopios

Agios Prokopios beach is a long, wide stretch of sand in a touristy part of the island. Because of this, it’s popular with families and youngsters. There are a lot of facilities in the area but most aren’t directly on the beach. The end closest to Chora is quietest and you might find nude bathers there.

It’s easy to get Agios Prokopios from Chora on the bus.

Agia Anna

Agia Anna is the next beach along from Prokopios. It’s a bit more lively with more bars and tavernas directly on the beach in the section nearest Prokopios. There’s a lovely little harbour where the beach comes up to the main road. Boats stop here for day trips to the more southern beaches and Smaller Cyclades.

On the other side of that is a cove. If you walk round it and then clamber over the rocks you’ll get to a little nudist beach if that’s what you’d prefer. Say hi to the shark on the rock as you pass.

Orkos and Mikri Vigla Beaches

Orkos the next beach after Paka. It runs into Mikri Vigla beach which is a wind and kitesurfing haven. In the off-season, there were calm days with no surfers around. I enjoyed swimming here as it was near home but be aware that the water does get deep quickly.

There’s also a little cove just before you get to Orkos beach. It’s a nice, private space if you can get it to yourself. Sometimes there’s no sand because the tide is right in. But if it’s not then you can make your way down there from the road.

Kastraki Beach

Mikri Vigla beach continues on the other side of the rocks. There’s a taverna on the beach and nearby in the village, there’s a nice bakery and some little supermarkets. This long stretch of sand then turns into Kastraki beach. This whole section is nice for families as the water is shallow.

At the end of Kastraki beach, furthest from Mikri Vigla, there are also a couple of bars and tavernas.


We’re heading even further south and Glyfada is another wide stretch of sand that you’ll find is pretty quiet at any time of year. Turn off the main road on the way to Alyko and park up for some space to yourself. Nearby is the lovely Faros Restaurant.


Around Alyko Cedar Forest there are four beaches and a ruined hotel with street art. Park up on the road and then make your way to find the one you’d like to spend your time on. Make sure you have a wander around the abandoned hotel too, although watch your footing.

When you reach the Alyki area the first beach is the nudist beach. It’s pretty, quiet and secluded. Hawaii Beach is the next one and although it’s a bit of a scramble down the rocks, it can get quite busy in summer.

The main Alyko beach is beyond the hotel around the coast. It’s a nice stretch of white sand and probably quieter than Hawaii.

On the other side of the hotel is Mikro Alyko (Little Alyko) which is a sheltered cove.

None of the beaches has umbrellas so bring your own. You might get lucky with a spot next to a rock the offers some shade but don’t guarantee it. There are no facilities on these beaches either. There’s a mini-market near Pyrgaki beach and some tavernas that way too but bring drinks with you.


I have to say I don’t love this beach but a lot of people do. It’s wide and quiet even in the height of summer. It can get windy and the water is deep. It’s a bit rocky too so not perfect for swimming but people manage it.

There’s a water sports centre here as well as some umbrellas. There is a mini-market and some tavernas off the road. Note that it’s a dirt track as you turn off the road instead of heading straight to Alyko. It’s not a bad road for a normal car but the sand goes right over the road so be aware.

Apollonas Bay

Apollonas is about an hour’s drive from Chora. The beach isn’t as stunning as those in the south (in my opinion) but it’s a nice spot to enjoy if you’re driving round the island. Kouros is nearby so if you’re going to see that you might like to come for lunch and a quick dip.

There’s a sandy section near the tavernas. It’s family-friendly but can get busy in summer. Further round it’s quieter but the beach is pebbles so obviously not as comfortable. On the other side of the village is the wild beach which is quieter again. None of these is ideal for swimming when there’s a northerly wind.

Naxos Beaches by Boat

If you do a boat day trip you can visit Rina Beach with the nearby Rina Cave. They’re good for snorkelling around. Naxos Sailing do a trip that’s combined with one of the Smaller Cyclades.

Your Favourite Naxos Beach?

So now you get to choose which to visit and decide which of these Naxos beaches is your favourite. It’s gonna be tough!

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