Weekly Update 10/6/22 – Hedgehog Rescue on Andros

Another lovely week in Andros. It’s really interesting being back in summer, there are cafes and little shops popping up all over the place that were closed down when I was here in autumn. It’s nice to be able to go to the beach when the weather’s better too. This is one of my favourites and just in the last week, the water seems to have got much warmer.

Although I’m still here for a while yet I decided on and booked my next island to visit. It’s another one I’ve been to before that I need to go back and mop up a few things on. I’m really itching to go somewhere new and I think that’ll be the next hop. But watch this space…

Wildfires in Athens

On Monday I was due to be back in Athens for a dentist appointment and to meet a friend in Glyfada (Athens Riviera). I missed the boat so didn’t make it in the end. But the day before wildfire broke out in Glyfada so maybe it’s just as well.

I’m hoping this isn’t the start of another season of big fires. Last year Evia island as well as some places on the mainland were really badly hit. People, as well as pets and wildlife, were terribly affected. Most of the fires turned out to be arson too, which is awful.

Hedgehog Rescue

Speaking of wildlife, I found a little tiggy winkle in the ford as I was going out one morning. I didn’t know that hedgehogs could swim but anyway this one wasn’t moving. I put him to the side so he wouldn’t get run over. But when I came back a couple of hours later he was still there so i took him up to the house.

According to the interweb he was only about a month old. I called the wildlife protection people in Naxos because hedgehogs aren’t normally out during the day and he wasn’t moving or rolling up. They said if he was walking about ok it was fine to take him back. He wasn’t but they told me he could be hypothermic because of being in the water.

So I kept him on a cloth in a bowl for a little while. I gave him a bit of cat food and some water and after a while, he got up and had a walk around. When he’d dried off and seemed a bit more lively I took him back. I let him go on the verge and he seemed to be doing ok and finding his way.

Stormy Weather

There’s something of a storm coming this weekend. It’s been really windy today and there’s thunder and lightning coming apparently. I wasn’t expecting that since we’re well into June. The sheep don’t seem too keen but I guess it helps with preventing fires so it’s not a bad thing.

Not a Wildlife Blog

Don’t worry this isn’t turning into a wildlife blog although thank you for indulging me in all my animal pictures. Here are two more of my kitties enjoying the warm weather from the fig tree.

I’ve been clearing up underneath it as there’s a lovely seating area that’s got a bit full of leaves and sticks over the winter.

On the Blog

Anyway, on the travel side of things, I’ve given the site a little bit of a branding refresh. (I say a refresh, but there wasn’t really any branding to update so I’ve created some so it looks a bit prettier for you.)

This week I’ve published these posts for you to have a gander at:

See you next week!

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