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Weekly Update from Tinos 20/3/22

It’s been another freezing cold week here in Tinos. It just doesn’t seem right to see snow falling on the lemon trees!

Although we’ve had plenty of cold, wet and windy days we’ve also had some clear ones.

The wind hasn’t really dropped and my cheeks are turning red from cold every time I get out of the car. But on the blue sky days (or few clear hours..) I’ve been able to do some short walks.

Discovering Tinian Beaches and Countryside

While I was out exploring I came across this beautiful beach with a little church. It’s not too far from Chora and is such a lovely, peaceful spot. Apparently, it’s popular for weddings. I think it would be perfect for a summer swim.

I got to walk through a bit more of the remote countryside and saw some beautiful sights. More pics are coming in my post next week about hiking in Tinos.

Another beach I came across walking the Tinos Trails had a very excitable gaggle of geese. They were hissing wildly and I gave them a wide berth! Luckily there was a much friendlier donkey there too.

Fun at Tinos Port

Speaking of birds, I was a bit surprised by a pelican at the port this week. I was driving along doing some chores and this beautiful creature was just at the side of the road. Of course, I had to stop and take some photos.

I know there’s a famous pelican or three next door in Mykonos (not that I’ve seen him on my visits there). But it hadn’t crossed my mind to see one in Tinos. I saw him again after I’d picked up my veggies from the farmers’ stalls. He was strutting down the road after hotly pursuing a motorcyclist. His wingspan was huge and it was exciting to see him inflight.

Picking Up Veggies for My Lenten Food

In other news, I’m still “fasting” for Lent. Sounds like a bit of a misnomer to me because you could hardly say I’m being deprived. I’m rather proud of the cooking I’ve been doing since I found some simple recipes without too many different ingredients.

We’re so lucky to be able to get fresh fruit and veg here with so much local produce. In fact, many of the villages have annual festivals based around a particular local food. Artichoke, for example, is a bit of a local delicacy so I got some to make a stew.

If you come to Tinos in May, head to Komi for the artichoke festival. If you miss it, not to worry. I saw the list of artichoke dishes available on the island in summer and it’s vast.

Tinos Cats

Unfortunately, the kitty I took to the vet last week didn’t get better. I was sad to hear that after the third day they put her down but it was really all they could do. The rest of the colony is still by the bins on the edge of the road so I took them some food. In the cold weather, they need extra to survive and this group of cats doesn’t look they have anyone feeding them

This Week’s Published Posts

Other than that I’ve spent the week catching the sunset when it’s been clear and ploughing out more blog posts from the queue.

I’m still finishing up writing my Paros blogs but you can now read my post about volunteering with Paroscat over the winter. They always need help so get in touch if you’re visiting for long enough.

The other post published this week was my recommended travel apps for Greece. Some of them I use so often and I’d be lost without them. If you’re heading over here then take a look at these.

Anyway, that’s it for this week. I’m off to get a Lenten vegan gyro for a little weekend treat. See you on the blog next week!

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