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Where to eat in Naxos

You’re spoilt for choice on Naxos in terms of food. Below I’ve made some suggestions on where to eat in Naxos in terms of restaurants and traditional taverns. But you’ll always find your own favourites. (Also take a look here for other ideas of where to eat in Naxos and things to do on Naxos for foodies.)

Restaurants love to tell you about their dishes and the local ingredients. I’m sure you’ll get some free samples of various local dishes and drinks to try. That’s especially true if you’ve run across a family-owned restaurant on its own land/farm.

NOTE: Due to COVID the rules for eating at venues has changed. At the time of writing this is the situation over the summer. However, things change often so check the situation when you personally visit.

If a restaurant is displaying the COVID-free sign with tick you can only eat there if you have been vaccinated or have proof of recovery (inside or out). If the restaurant/taverna is displaying the white sticker that says mixed, then non-vaccinated people can sit outside. Vaccinated people can sit inside. Masks must be worn when going to the toilet or paying bills.

Stelida, Naxos

Some might say that Stelida Restaurant is the best restaurant on Naxos island. It’s known for its creative use of seasonal ingredients and seafood dishes with a laidback and romantic vibe. I’ve certainly heard consistently good things about the food as well as the service from their apparently well-trained team.

The location is great as the views are beautiful and Agios Prokopios is really close to town. The restaurant is set within Kavos Boutique Hotel and is open to non-residents. You can go for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as cocktails and drinks. Booking for dinner is a good idea.

Faros Hotel and Restaurant

Faros Hotel and Restaurant in Kastraki, Naxos is really close to where I was staying all winter and right next door to my friend’s house. It opened as I was leaving the island and I’m so disappointed I didn’t have time to try it out. Luckily my friend has been many times and along with others recommended it to me for next time. By all accounts, they do a great beetroot salad (amongst many other things!).

The restaurant looks out over the Alykyo juniper forest which is beautiful. The view is amazing – white sands and turquoise water. Alykyo beach is quiet and worth a wander around the ruined hotel while you’re there. It has really interesting street art by a famous artist. A stop at Faros for lunch would round out a nice trip.

As well as the restaurant Faros is a boutique hotel. They have a lovely big pool and, looking at the website, the on-site rooms look really nicely done too. One even had a jacuzzi so that’s definitely on my list of places to stay when I’m next in Naxos!

Rotunda Restaurant, Apirenthos

Routunda restaurant is way up in the mountains near to the picturesque village of Apirenthos. It has a spectacular sunset view (as well as good food) so it’s definitely worth a trip for dinner. Booking in advance is advised and they’re open for lunch and coffees too.

To Elliniko Restaurant

If you’re vegetarian or vegan you’ll find some good options here. They have plenty of local produce for meat-eaters too, so a good choice if you’re a mixed group. To Elliniko is right in Chora so particularly handy if you’re staying near Agios Georgios Beach. The atmosphere is friendly and fun but their good reputation means waiting times to be seated can be long. Book in advance if you can.


Set in the bustle of Agios Prokopios, Giannoulis is a popular tavern near the beach. It gets busy but you’ll likely be given a glass of wine to help pass the time while you wait for your table. Tasty, big portions of local food served by a kind team makes this one a winner. Take-away is available but not delivery.

Delfinaki Lionas

If you’re up for exploring the far side of the island or indeed staying that way, you’ll get a warm welcome for your efforts at Delfinaki Lionas. There are some nice hikes not too far away (including Routsouna Waterfall).

This restaurant is a family affair where they’ll shower you with warmth and insist you try various different homemade items.

Taverna Axiotissa

This is another restaurant in Naxos that I passed frequently over the winter when it was closed for COVID. Taverna Axiotissa came highly recommended by several people on the island although I didn’t get to try it before I left. It’s supposed to be creative with its dishes and has a real emphasis on organic products.

Having said that, I noticed there were a few not so good reviews on Google in really recent weeks. Mostly about the service. I’m not sure whether COVID has created a difficult situation with staffing or if it’s just that no one is coping well with this prolonged heatwave. Anyway, I’m leaving it in here so you can make up your own mind. If you’re in the area after 2pm I reckon it’s definitely worth a look.

Best restaurants in Naxos the deliver / do take out

Where to eat in Naxos might be affected by the COVID situation and your personal preferences towards it. If you’d prefer to get a delivery to your accommodation or just stop by a restaurant to pick up a takeaway here are some options for you.

Faros restaurant that I wrote above has delivery and take-way options

Giannoulis (above) prepares food for take-away but doesn’t offer delivery

For other options check out Restaurant Guru. It’s got lots of ideas of where to eat in Naxos but importantly you can filter for takeaway and delivery options as well as places that are open at the time you’re making the order. The site clearly shows each restaurant’s ranking so you can find the perfect place for whatever you fancy.

You might like to download the e-food app too, which I’ve used a few times on the islands. It’s like Uber Eats and will tell you what’s available locally.

Hopefully, you now have lots of inspiration for where to eat in Naxos. Have fun testing them out!

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