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Where to Get a COVID Test in Greece

One of the most commonly asked questions I’m seeing at the moment is “where can I get a COVID test in Greece?”. Since I wrote this post about where to get Rapid Antigen and PCR tests the rules about travel within Greece have changed (again!). So, here’s an updated version.

Who needs to get tested?

Check with your own government’s website to see what is required for entry back after travelling to Greece. This article has information about travel within Greece if you’re unvaccinated as well as other circumstances that require unvaccinated people to show proof of a negative test.


The rules around testing in Greece changed on 13th September. Because unvaccinated people may need to have frequent testing the prices have been reduced.

That means prices have been capped, and:

  • you should not be charged more than 10 euro for a Rapid Test
  • you should not be charged more than 47 euro for a PCR Test*
  • you should not be charged more than 20 euro (per person) for having a sample taken, for example, if someone travels to your hotel to take it

*If a sample isn’t taken at a facility that conducts the tests themselves, then there is no cap on the cost. For example, if the sample from a clinic on one of the Greek islands has to be sent to a lab on the mainland to be processed.

Anywhere that’s offering tests should have the prices displayed publicly, including on their website.


Because of the increased requirement for testing, many chemists/pharmacies are now offering Rapid Tests. So, regardless of where you are staying in Greece, check pharmacies in the area. They usually have big posters up advertising the service if they offer it.

Your hotel

The easiest thing is to check whether your hotel has an arrangement set up for COVID testing. Many can help you arrange for someone to come directly to your hotel to do the test. Super convenient. On top of the test cost, expect to pay about 20 euros for the tester to come to your location.

Through Your Airline

If you’re flying with Aegean/Olympic Air you can book a COVID test through them. You just need to have an active booking number and a flight ticket.

They’ve partnered with a company that has COVID testing stations all over Athens. Places include Athens airport and Rafina and Pireus Ports.

Central Athens

Nea Iatriki, Zografou, Athens

This place has been great. Open their website in Google Chrome for it to be translated into English.

I’ve used them for a Rapid Test three or four times now and they were very quick and efficient. You just walk in and I’ve always been seen straight away or within five minutes. You can wait afterwards to get your results or they’ll email them to you in Greek or English. Again, the results come through quickly (15 – 30 mins).

What they offer:

Tests at their clinic: Stratarxou A. Papagou 9 – Zografou

  • PCR test with same-day results (if you go by 1pm)
  • Rapid Antigen Test with results in 15 minutes
  • Rapid IgG / IgM Antibody test with results in 15 minutes

They also offer:

  • a drive-through
  • home testing if you’re experiencing any symptoms

To book any appointments:

  • Call +302107474740 or +302107474750
  • Email: info@neaiatriki.gr
  • Open 7am – 8pm Monday – Friday and Saturday 7am – 2pm

PCR | Rapid Antigen Test Clinic, Athens inc Pireus

I’d been hoping to use this place. The reviews were so good: speedy results with all the required details for travel to the UK. Not that I needed all the passport details etc to travel within Greece but it’s reassuring that things are being done right.

In the end, I didn’t contact them as they were listed on Google maps near Pireus port which was no good to be heading to Rafina port. But, it seems that they actually get you an appointment at the nearest place for you. That could be a clinic or a chemist/pharmacy.

Call/Whatsapp +306945701470 for a quick response and appointment at a location near you.


TinosDoctors.com offers PCR and Rapid Antigen Tests in Tinos at your accommodation.

There’s a form on their website that you need to complete for an appointment. Do one form for each person to be tested. On the site, they recommend doing this 3 – 4 days before you leave Tinos.

You can also contact TinosDoctors.com by phone: +30 2283029259 or email: iescovid@yahoo.com

Results for the PCR test come by about 6pm the following day if taken by 1pm. Results for the Rapid Antigen come through within the hour. Test results come by email and the certificate is in English with all the information (eg passport number) that you need for international travel.

You’ll need to pay in cash and testing takes place Monday to Friday 10.30-13.30.


The same company, TinosDoctors.com also do COVID testing in Syros.

Results for the PCR test come by about 6pm the following day if taken by 1pm. Results for the Rapid Antigen come through within the hour. Test results come by email and the certificate is in English with all the information (eg passport number) that you need for international travel.

You’ll need to pay in cash if they do the test at your hotel.

Use this form for the TinosDoctors.com Syros branch or contact them by phone: +302281075154


Diagnostiki Naxos

Diagnostiki Naxos offers PCR and Rapid Antigen tests. You can find it in Chora, past the hospital near AB Supermarket (the nearest bus stop is “Fikas”)

Contact them by email: diagnostikinaxou@yahoo.gr or phone: +302285027599 / +3022850276990

Health Care Naxos

This centre offers PCR and Rapid Tests in Chora. Open normal office hours: M, T, Th, F 9am – 2pm and 6pm – 9pm and Wednesdays 9am – 2pm.


Pharmacy Paros

Very close to the windmill at the port, this pharmacy is behind the Health Centre. They efficiently did my test in a private room and then produced a printed and emailed certificate with QR code.

Parikia Pharmacy

Right on the seafront, this pharmacy will provide you with a printed EU Digital COVID certificate (with QR code) for your negative test. You’ll need to give them the PLF number that you used to enter the country. The people who work there are friendly and quick they print your certificate as you pay.

Open 8am – 9pm Monday – Saturday.

Dr Gratsias

This clinic is very close to the port. Call to check their opening times and then walk in for your RAPID or PCR test. One of the ladies speaks quite good English and the one who helped me speaks enough to manage. They’ll print out your results straight away but there is no bar/QR code on the paper.

Tel: +30 22840 24700 | Location on Google Maps

Aegean Polyclinics

PCR and Rapid Tests including home tests are available here. Open 7am – 9pm

The old pricing is still on their site and they have a sign outside directing people to the clinic above. I suspect this is only open during the summer season so call to check if you’d like to use this location.

Book an appointment on +302284024442

Anti Paros

Aegean Polyclinics also offer home tests in Anti Paros. Book an appointment on +302284024442


Messaria and Emporio

Medlife Clinic

This clinic offers hotel visits and walk-in clinics in Messaria and Emporio. They have slots available to book 7-days per week.

I’ve used the Emporio branch twice and they are super-efficient and friendly. You can just walk in but they also have the option for you to book an appointment online.

They give you a patient number and you get an email with your login details to get your results.


Bee Pharmacy

Bee Pharmacy is just up from the bus station. They have a QR code on a stand outside the front of the shop for Rapid Tests. Scan it and complete the form on your phone then go inside to pay. You’ll need your PLF number from the form you completed to enter the country (or AMKA number if you’re a resident).

Results come promptly by email.

Pharmacy Zacharopoulos

Opposite the bus station, you can just queue up outside for a Rapid Test. They have paper forms in English and Greek that you need to complete while you wait.

Near Santorini airport

Tsakrios Pharmacy

Near the airport and Artemis Winery, I passed this pharmacy offering Rapid Tests. Google Reviews look good.


Mykonos Town (near the Windmills)

Dental Clinic – Dr Jorgos Katsirmas

Melpo Axioti & Bao St
Tel: +302289025183
Mob: +306945905267

Mykonos Town (near Boni’s Windmill)

Mykonos Hygeia

Mykonian Hygeia does COVID-19 testing at your accommodation and they also have a walk-in centre which I’ve used. I read some bad reviews as it doesn’t sound like they coped well with the volume of testing over the peak season. However, I went around 9am and my experience was ok. I got the results on paper and if you want them emailed you pay an additional 10 euro.

Mykonos Medical

Mykonos Medical offers PCR, Rapid Antigen and Antibodies testing for COVID-19. PCR tests come back within 24 hours and for the Rapid Antigen, it’s just 15 minutes. You’ll get same-day results if you have the antibodies testing. The clinic doesn’t take appointments for COVID testing so turn up and queue. Also sounds like this one was a bit of a free-for-all.


Nikos Papadopoulos

This doctor offers COVID testing in Ornos if you’re staying nearer that area. Call +306937009450



Rapid Test Chania

This company comes to you to take your PCR or Rapid Test. Call +306970078606 to arrange.

PCR Greece

This company performs tests at your location and will come to any hotel in Crete. Book appointments online. They offer PCR and Rapid Tests.


Plakias Medical Care

You can get both PCR and Rapid Tests here. Rapid Test results are back in 2 hours and PCR results in 24 – 30. Open 7-days per week but closed in the afternoons. Opening times and contact information in English on their website here.


Knossos Diagnosis

You can get PCR and Rapid Tests from either of their two venues in Heraklion. Check the website for opening times as they are a bit different at each venue. They have long opening hours during the week as well as times on Saturday mornings. Results can be delivered by email.

Call to book on +302810212141 / +302810360032 / +302810222210 / +302810287094.


PCR Greece

This company performs tests at your location and will come to any hotel in Crete. Book appointments online here.


PCR Greece

This company performs tests at your location and will come to any hotel in Crete. Book appointments online here.


Pharmacy Kozanitis

The chemist by the port in Gavrio is offering Rapid Tests.

Andros Polyclinic

This lab in Gavrio port offers PCR and Rapid Tests. I can’t see them on Google Maps but you can’t miss the LED display advertising tests. It’s a few doors to the right of the chemist as you look as it.

They’re open Monday – Friday 8.30 – 15.30 and Saturday 10 – 2. Contact details are:

Tel: +302282071246 / +302282072172 / +306944504439 / E-mail: iatrikoskyklos@otenet.gr

In November I just walked in without an appointment. Go straight up the stairs to the chairs at the top and wait. The ladies who helped me were fun and super quick.

That’s my list of where to get a COVID test in Greece. If you know of facilities that are offering PCR and Rapid Tests on any of the other islands do let me know.

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