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Where to Stay in Naxos: Best Villages Beaches & Hotels

So you’re wondering where to stay in Naxos Greece? Well, let me start by saying you’ve made a good choice with Naxos. As a recap, it’s in the Cyclades group of islands and is one of the best islands for a great Greek island holiday.

There’s a lot to see and do as it’s the largest island in this group of Greek islands. It has the narrow white-washed streets in Chora (Naxos Town) the capital of the island. There are plenty of amazing beaches, great food, beautiful sunsets, traditional and very picturesque villages, hiking, lush countryside, mountains, ancient sites and even a few imported palm trees to add to the feeling of paradise.

While the island has something for everyone the big question is where to stay. I’m going to tell you about some of the best places to stay. On Naxos, you’ll find luxury hotels as well as boutique hotels. You can stay in Chora, the capital, near one of the popular beaches or in one of the traditional villages if you’re looking for a more authentic experience.

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The biggest mistake I see is people not giving themselves enough time to really discover Naxos. If you have enough time you could even stay in a couple of different parts of the island. Stay somewhere that’s easily accessible for the rest of the island. Then when you’re done exploring find somewhere private you can tuck yourself away and forget about the world for a while.

Whatever you’d like to spend your holiday doing, here’s my advice for the best areas of Naxos to stay in depending on the type of holiday you want.

Agios Georgios Beach

One of the most popular places to stay in Naxos is close to the crystal clear waters of Saint George Beach. This Blue Flag beach is basically right in Chora so it’s within easy walking distance of everything you need.

The beach itself is a lovely long stretch of golden sand with shallow water that’s perfect for families. There’s a water sports centre towards the far end where you can be as active as you like.

However, it is quite an “organised” beach with tavernas and cafes and music playing throughout the day. If that’s your thing then perfect. It’s a great option. Personally, I think that some of the best Naxos hotels to stay in are pretty much right on the beach.

A lot of the hotels/Airbnbs are just back from the beach in a more modern part of town. It’s not my favourite area. It feels a bit too touristy and some of the accommodation is a bit tacky.

However, budget travellers could find a bargain even on double rooms. And if that’s you, you can still have a great holiday on a budget with everything you need around you.

Argo Boutique Hotel

An exception to that is Argo Boutique Hotel. It’s a small boutique hotel – a family-run hotel – in a quiet corner of Chora. You have easy access to the beach that’s about 100m away or you can use the hotel swimming pool if you prefer.

Rooms are nicely kitted out with the divine Cocomat mattresses. Some rooms also come with a hydromassage shower cabin, a spa bath or an outdoor hot tub.

Nissaki Beach Hotel

This is a 5-star hotel just one minute from St George Beach. The team are friendly and helpful and the accommodation offers a fantastic breakfast. The rooms have balconies and some have a beautiful view of the Aegean Sea. This hotel also has an outdoor pool if you prefer to chill there than on the sand.

Naxos Chora – Main Town

I think there are also some good options near Portara – the Apollo Temple in the old town. You’re near the ferry port and just a short walk from everything you might want on the main street. Plus you’re really close to the harbour for boat trips. The bus station is right there too if you’re using public transport to get around.

Staying Along the West Coast

On Naxos, the whole of the west coast of the island from Chora down is basically just beautiful beaches that run into each other. Beach lovers will rejoice in the huge selection of beautiful spots.

Agios Prokopios, Agia Anna and Plaka along the coastal road from Chora make up a tourist area that comes alive in the high season. However, you can still get a feeling of being removed from all the hustle and bustle, particularly in Plaka. So don’t write off the area if you’re not keen on anything too touristy.

This section of the island can be a great place to stay if you’re not interested in renting a car. You won’t be far from a bus stop to take you into town and in summer the buses are pretty frequent along this stretch. If you want to get out and about and visit some of the ancient ruins at the archaeological sites or spend a morning exploring some of the pretty villages you’ll need to get to Chora first.

But in the summer that’s not a problem at all. In the off-season, this area really does close down and the buses don’t run like in the peak season. So double-check what’s available if you’re coming in the winter or shoulder seasons.

Agios Prokopios

Agios Prokopios beach is a long sandy beach that gets quite lively in the summer. It has calm water that’s great for swimming and has plenty of facilities on the road behind the beach.

Like the island’s other gorgeous beaches, the beach of Agios Prokopios gets very popular in summer thanks to its Blue Flag status. But it’s a long stretch of sand. If you head to the north end you’ll find that the crowds thin out and you can have some privacy.

18 Grapes Hotel

18 Grapes Hotel is an unpretentious 5-star hotel 200m from the beach. The rooms are elegantly decorated in a minimalist style with the luxuries you’d expect. Options include rooms with a hot tub or private pool. As well as a couple of pools and poolside dining, 18 Grapes has a wellness area with a sauna, hammam and treatment area.

Naxos Island Hotel

Naxos Island Hotel is a 5-star hotel that’s in really close proximity to Agios Prokopios beach. With its stars come loads of facilities like a rooftop pool and restaurant and a spa with treatment rooms. It’s the perfect place to unwind whether you want to chill at the hotel or relax on the beach.

Agia Anna

Agia Anna has a bit more going on all year round. But you might still struggle to find accommodation other than villas if you come in the off-season.

But during the summer Agia Anna Beach is a popular location. There’s a pretty bay with a small port that boat trips call at. You can choose to relax on the sand in this bay and clamber over the rocks to the right to discover some other small coves.

Or you can take to the long stretch of golden sand on the other side of the harbour. On this part of the beach, there are lots of tavernas and shops right on the sand. Choose a beach bar and people watch all day.

Further towards Plaka beach, Agia Anna’s Maranga beach is the third on Naxos’ sandy beaches to be submitted for and awarded Blue Flag status.

Artemis Hotel

The Artemis Hotel is another family-run hotel with gorgeous suites and spacious rooms. It’s just a minute away from the beach and on it has high ratings from solo travellers.


To me, the Plaka Beach area feels more spacious. This beach is another of the island’s main attractions as it’s one of the best beaches on the island. But because it stretches for miles (literally) it’s hard to imagine it gets completely crammed. In the area, you’ll find bohemian-style beach clubs among the villas set back from the beach.

Mikri Vigla

Continuing along the coastal road you’ll get to Mikri Vigla where I stayed when I lived in Naxos. I really love this small village and all the beautiful beaches in the area. It’s an ideal spot if you’re into any kind of wind watersports thanks to the wind and waves. Even if you’re into calmer waters for swimming or family time there are more beach options just next door.

Orkos Beach Hotel

Orkos Beach Hotel is one of the best hotels in the area. It’s right by Orkos and Mikri Vigla beaches and the kitesurfing school. Close by there is the other half of Mikri Vigla beach that runs into Kastraki. They’re very family-friendly with calm and shallow water so even young children can enjoy the water.

The hotel itself has simple but luxurious rooms with spectacular views. I think the sunsets here are truly on a par with those you’ll see in Santorini. Anyway, alongside a pool the hotel also has a spa area with sauna, hammam and massage rooms, a mini library, chapel and children’s play area. Your options are open for relaxing or being as active as you like.


Beyond is Kastraki with its family-friendly beaches and a smattering of good tavernas on the doorstep.

Faros Villa Hotel and Restaurant

Faros Villa Hotel is a lovely eco-friendly hotel set in the peaceful cedar forest at the edge of Kastraki. It has a nice pool and bar area, a range of Cycladic rooms to stay in and beautiful views. It’s close to the murals at Alyko beach and it’s a good spot for exploring the rest of the island.

Traditional Coastal Villages

Naxos has some lovely traditional villages on the coast. You’ll need to rent a car for sure as the villages I’ve mentioned here are quite a way from Chora, the port and the airport.


Apollonas is a small fishing village at the very top of the island. It’s a great spot if you’re looking for somewhere quieter to stay. The exception to that is in August at the height of the summer season. Lots of Greeks are on holiday then and the main beach can get quite crowded.

Staying here you’ll be about 50 minutes drive from Chora and an hour from the airport. Unless you’re planning to solely flop on the beach for the duration, you’ll definitely need a car to stay here.

Adonis Hotel

At Hotel Adonis in Apollonas village, you’ll certainly experience authentic Greek hospitality. The rooms were redecorated in 2021 so it’s refreshed and modern while set in a traditional-style building. Set within its own gardens just a few minutes from the beach it’s a great spot to stay.


Another small village that’s tucked away from everyone else is Moutsouna. The village has a rich history of emery mining and the little harbour used to be quite in demand to transport it. Now it’s a sleepy spot to set yourself up on your hols. It’s a great place to watch the sun rise up out of the sea in the morning. And you’ll have a great view over to the islands of Amorgos and Donousa.

Although the beaches aren’t as spectacular as in other areas of Naxos, there are some little coves to lay down your towel and nearby tavernas to keep you going. About 30 minutes away you’ll find the marble village of Apirenthos with its rich history and unique culture. From there it’s quite easy to access Filoti and some of the other villages.

Ostria Inn

This hotel has gorgeous lodgings on the edge of the village, one minute away from a lovely quiet beach. The hotel has its own pool if you prefer it and serves local produce for breakfast, right on the seafront. They also have a sailing boat to hand to transport you to some of the nearby islands.

Traditional Inland Villages

If you’re a keen hiker or just happy to stay somewhere that’s not right on the beach then one of the traditional villages in the Naxos hinterland could be the best area for you. Read up on some of the villages I haven’t already mentioned and see if something takes your fancy.

Staying in Chalki, Filoti or Sangri puts you in easy access to the whole island. You can get to the historical, ancient sites easily and you’re never too far from a gorgeous beach. Plus if you’re keen to hike the prolific walking trails then Chalki and Filoti put you near a good few trailheads.

Vivlos, Glynado and Galanado are closer to Chora and could be good choices for you too.


Just outside of Chalki is the little village of Damalas with its well preserved olive and folklore museums. My Grandma’s Deluxe Spa Suite is a traditional Cycladic-style home that feels modern and comfortable. It’s set in a quiet spot on a traditional street and you’ll get a wonderful reception from the host.


On the edge of the bustling village of Filoti you can stay at Dreamcatcher of Zeus. The spacious rooms set in a lovely garden are authentically and tastefully designed. The accommodation is perfectly located for hikers.


For a divine experience book at Ayiopetra Exclusive Getaways which is right in the heart of Naxos. The property is half a kilometre away from the Temple of Demetra and gives easy access to the rest of the island.


For a special holiday check out the La Grande Vue Private villas just outside of Vivlos. The villas are gorgeous, modern and clean and there’s a pool and spa/wellness are to enjoy too.

Spoilt for Choice on Where to Stay in Naxos

I’ll say again that if you’re visiting the Cyclades Islands for the first time then the beautiful island of Naxos is a really good choice. (Or even if you’re visiting for a second, third or fourth time!).

There really is something for every budget you just need to pick your area. Whether you want beach or countryside you’ll find all sorts of exquisite boutique hotels, villas and luxurious accommodation.

Anyway, I hope this post has given you some pointers on where to stay in Naxos. Good luck with your decision-making because you’re spoilt for choice! For more ideas and information about Naxos click to read all my Naxos posts.

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